The Little Things Make Life Sweet

Children, Addiction and Marital Problems
October 11, 2013
October 25, 2013

We humans tend to get so caught up in the “rush” of our life that we forget how wonderful things are for us daily.  Time seems to “run out” for us and the pressures of the day often overwhelm us!  Consider these statements to bring you back into a calming place:

  • Remember the dreams you had as a child and realize it’s never too late to make them come true.
  • Shoot pictures in black and white and recognize how colorful your world really is.
  • Talk to an elderly person behind you in a check-out line and realize age truly is a state of mind.
  • Have a family portrait taken and revel in the resemblance you share.
  • Say hello to your neighbors and meet extraordinary people right next door.
  • Gaze into the heavens on a starry night and witness the handiwork of a greater power.
  • Smile at a stranger and brighten the world one smile at a time.
  • Flirt with your life partner and rekindle an old flame.
  • Savor a warm slice of apple pie smothered in vanilla ice cream and diet tomorrow.

What will you add to this list?  There are so many thing we can do to make life a little sweeter.  You deserve to do that for yourself and for others.

“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”  – Ovid

Omega J. Galliano
Owner/Therapist - MFT, LADC, LP - Meg obtained a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and since college has been busy working in the behavioral health field. As a Nevada licensed marriage and family therapist, Nevada licensed alcohol and drug counselor, Minnesota licensed psychologist, and a Distance Credentialed Counselor, she has held various management positions in national corporations.