Counseling and Psychological Services

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Individual Therapy

This helps to clarify concerns, gain insight into yourself and others, and learn ways to effectively cope with or resolve problems. We assist you in gaining an understanding of who you are as a whole person and the concerns that brought you to therapy.
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Couples Therapy

The focus of treatment is the relationship between two people. Therapy helps to address a variety of issues such as communication skills, conflict resolution, insight development, and other issues that may arise within a relationship.
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Employee Assistance

Confidential assessments and short-term counseling services for employees who have personal and/or work related problems

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Bariatric Surgery
Evaluations & Counseling

Provide an evaluation to determine readiness for bariatric surgery as well as counseling on how to best manage the life changes which surgery present.
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Wellness Evaluations and Counseling

Assessments are provided in all life areas to assure you are managing life effectively and growth is occurring. Similar to life coaching with the added expertise of clinical psychosocial education. Areas may include: Career, Family, Chronic Pain, or other wellness health areas of concern.
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Consultation Services

As experienced professionals we offer consulting, evaluation, training and supervision services regarding numerous behavioral health concerns for both companies and individuals in order to increase efficiency, quality of care and improved worker and/or customer experience.