Kindness: Where Has It Gone?

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November 22, 2014
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December 5, 2014

Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for others. Known as a virtue it is a trait highly regarded in many cultures.  Why then has kindness been such a rare commodity lately?  Where has kindness gone?

As we move into the holiday season this concept is one to keep in mind.  Particularly as stress rises and tempers flare.  The hustle and bustle of the holiday season will fatigue us before we even recognize.  Once that happens we often say and do behaviors which are out of character and damaging.  The old saying, “you can’t un-ring a bell” is so true…once it is out in the universe it is there forever.  Be careful!  Be kind!

How many times have we heard statements such as “we can change the world with kindness”, “practice random acts of kindness”, “acts of kindness inspire kindness”, and “kind words, calm fears.”  Do you take the time daily to try to emulate these sayings?  Good for you if that is your mindset!  Hopefully those who have a different mindset will decide to “get on the kindness bandwagon”! 

Being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness is so heartwarming.  The generosity one person can show another through kindness is like no other action.  We remember those acts of kindness for years to come yet we do not always emulate those acts.  Because?  It is often easier just to go about your daily business, focusing inward, and moving through your list of responsibilities.  Consider the effort required to do a little act of kindness and ask yourself just one question:  “Is there time in my day to be kind?”  I know of no person that could realistically answer “no”!

Step up to a “culture of kindness”.  Start today and give another person something to remember for a lifetime!  Believe me you will get much more from the action then the person on the receiving end!

May you all have a wonderful holiday season full of kindness and gentle spirits!  You are worth it as is the world!

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”  — Mother Teresa

Omega J. Galliano
Owner/Therapist - MFT, LADC, LP - Meg obtained a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and since college has been busy working in the behavioral health field. As a Nevada licensed marriage and family therapist, Nevada licensed alcohol and drug counselor, Minnesota licensed psychologist, and a Distance Credentialed Counselor, she has held various management positions in national corporations.