Beggar or Booster?

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September 4, 2014
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September 19, 2014

Which one are you?  The Beggar or the Booster?  Sam Harrison in his book, ideaselling, speaks to this question.  Here is his take:

Boosters increase strength, value and reputation—for themselves and for decision makers.  Boosters champion ideas.  Add energy.  Lift spirits.

Beggars are impoverished.  Deprived of strength.  Takers rather than givers.  They ask for sympathy.  Plead for mercy.

Boosters have something to offer and know it.  They’re proud, confident, bold.

Beggars are victims and lack leverage.

So, again I ask you, which one are you?

The Booster?  Are you a person that supports, assists, or increases power or effectiveness in any given situation?  An advocate?  A person who is loyal to their allegiance?  A person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea?  If this sounds like you that is wonderful.  If this sounds like someone you want to become than that is wonderful, too.

The Beggar?  Are you one who has no established residence and wanders idly from place to place without lawful or visible means of support?  A hanger-on who seeks advantage or gain?  Someone who gets something from someone else without doing or paying anything in return?  If this sounds like you I wonder how that makes you feel.  If this is you yet you want to be different then good for you.

We all get to make the choice for our life.  Be smart and make healthy decisions as to who you ultimately become in life. Live life to the fullest.  It is just as easy to be the booster as it is to be the beggar!

“The live setting is always better for me. I usually thrive at live.” —  Naima Adedapo

Omega J. Galliano
Owner/Therapist - MFT, LADC, LP - Meg obtained a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and since college has been busy working in the behavioral health field. As a Nevada licensed marriage and family therapist, Nevada licensed alcohol and drug counselor, Minnesota licensed psychologist, and a Distance Credentialed Counselor, she has held various management positions in national corporations.