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June 2, 2013
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June 14, 2013

As I was listening to NPR today while out running errands there was a segment on Richard Pryor.  He arguably was one of the best comedians EVER!  Anyone that knows about his life realizes that no matter how “good” you are at something or how “much” success you have it can’t stop you from getting caught up in addiction.  He once made a comment about just taking a “little pinch of cocaine” when he first started using that particular drug and believing he would not get addicted because he had friends who had been using for over 15 years and they were not addicted.  The comment was genius!  Doesn’t that just scream ADDICTION and the way he was able to present that as a fact without slamming it down one’s throat……Amazing!  Unfortunately for Mr. Pryor by 1980 his drug use was spiraling out of control and in June, 1980, after many days of freebasing cocaine, he lit himself on fire in a suicide attempt.  With third degree burns over 50% of his body, he somehow found the will to survive, and eventually went back to doing comedy.  Throughout his life it seems he moved between the light and the dark.  Whether in lightness or in darkness, he found a way to conquer his demons to some extent.  Will you?

Each person dealing with addiction has the opportunities to conquer their demons.  Having a purpose for being that is devoid of chemical use helps.  How do you define that for yourself?  Take the time to consider this for a moment.  Moving between lightness and darkness will eventually cost you so work very hard to stay in the light!  Shoot for a long, successful, addiction free life.

“You don’t get to be old bein’ no fool.”  –  Richard Pryor

Omega J. Galliano
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